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Not only are we situated just a stones throw away from the centre of Inverness, we are surrounded by beautiful architecture, sculptures, restaurants, shops and cafes. If you're travelling by car there are many short drives that will take you to famous landmarks and we've also popped some of our favourite spots into our guest information books in each of our homes.

Don't feel stuck without a car however as there so many places that can be found on foot, via public transport and also local tour companies that offer a whole host of experiences.

Inverness City Centre

Inverness is one of the oldest towns (now city) in Scotland. Dating from 585 AD to the present day. Inverness has been the natural place for people from the Highlands and further afield to meet and trade. This ancient history is reflected in the wealth of interesting buildings to be found around the compact city centre such as Inverness Castle, the Town House and The Old High Church. Leakeys Bookshop is also a quirky little stopping point.

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle
Scotland - sunset over Urquhart castle, Loch Ness - UK.jpg

Loch Ness is on pretty much everyones' bucket list when visiting the Highlands, will you spot Nessie? 

We particularly like the Jacobite Cruise which starts leisurely takes you down Loch Ness and towards Urquhart Castle. Certain trips allow you to stop off at the castle to explore then board again for the return journey. It's a lovely way to really experience the loch. 

Culloden Battlefield

The site of the last Jacobite battle of the 1745 - 1746 rebellion. 

You are free to walk around the battlefield and explore or pay an entry fee for the visitor centre which offers a whole wealth of information and interactive learning. 

Our Top Restaurant Recommendations
Gourmet Meal

Inverness is busy! Ensure you book ahead, especially in peak season.


English Breakfast

Breakfast/ Brunch and Lunch

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